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it shows the 2008 cigarette tax increase is reducing the number of smokers especially among young people. the group is also poposing another tax hike to further decrease the numbers. >>> a huge turnout at george washington carver. you can see the pockets of parents in different colors representing different communities. baltimore city wants to add seats to cromwell valley elementary school, renovate loch raven elementary and halsted elementary school. that could mean a shift on where you send your students to school in the future. >> if a community is brought in to endorse a plan that is already complete, are or we asked to participate in a good process to get to a plan? >> one parent said depending on where you live you could be going to loch raven, towson or parkville high school. >>> brian stewart tells abc2 news he was rejected from cappa alpha psy because he's gay. he filed a complaint with the university a few weeks later. stewart says his actions are a pivotal point in the lgbt rights and says this is only the beginning. >> it's what you believe to be right. i will stand and figh
as a corporate tax dodge, basically. it's if you're a high earner, you're going to put some of your money aside. nobody ever thought that this was going to apply to the rest of us. i mean, there was never any thought of that. >> smith: so not quite by design, a new retirement system was born. (traders yelling) big brokerages and banks saw an opportunity to expand their business and helped employers set up and run their new plans. they promoted the arrangement as a win for everyone. >> from the individual perspective, the 401(k) actually opened up the opportunity to save for retirement for many individuals who worked for businesses that didn't have a pension. and it also allowed them to have a portable, vested amount of money that they could take with them, as americans started changing jobs more frequently. >> smith: it's as simple, though, isn't it, as the businesses decided to get out of the business of providing pensions and shift the burden to employees? >> i would express that more as a sharing of the responsibility for retirement between employers and employees. >> smith: but while some e
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)